Tuesday, March 9, 2010

When will I see results?

As a trainer, I hear this question, or some variation of it, all the time. On the one hand, I know it's an innocent question. On the other hand, it gives me a few clues about the person who's asking it. As soon as I hear someone ask me that, it sends up a red flag, and calls into question their patience, determination, and focus. It's like when you're driving on a long trip and one of your kids, says "How much longer?.....Are we there yet?" My answer to the trainee is the same as it is to my kids. "Just sit back and relax and enjoy the ride, we'll be there before you know it."
        In other words this is a journey, and you need to find something to do to occupy your time.  The problem is that the trainee is impatient, and rather than focusing on the day to day process of training, and proper execution of fundamentals, they are looking too far down the road, and they get discouraged, because they see nothing but empty road.
So again the answer is....just sit back and enjoy the ride, this is gonna take awhile! Your best bet is to learn to enjoy the process and focus on the small day to day improvements. You will learn to notice small changes, such as improved strength or stamina at a particular exercise that you used to really suck at. Maybe you'll notice that you're not nearly as winded now after a bout of interval training. These are the successes that will bring you a sense of accomplishment, and sustain your focus. Maybe you couldn't do one pullup and now you're able to get one full rep.

When you make a habit of enjoying the process, time flies by, and you look up and guess what? You see dramatic changes when you look in the mirror. It's kind of like watching the second hand of a clock tick off a minute. If you tried to hold your breath and watch a minute go by, it would seem like an eternity. But if you breathe and relax and occupy yourself productively, then minutes and hours are like the wink of an eye.

If you want to get to your destination faster, then put your foot on the gas baby, and stay 100% focused, don't take any side trips, don't lose your way, and for God's sake don't do a 180, and go back the way you came!

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