Friday, July 30, 2010

Hitting a PR

Congrats to John Vasquez...after several months of hard consistent training, he's ready for two-a-days. We used his last two workouts to test 1rm in full squat clean, and back squat. John hit a solid PR in both. He's 15, and weighs 165#. Full squat clean was a very conservative 175#. Though we didn't attempt it due to fatigue, he could have gotten 185#, and with some improvements and refinements on technique, I have little doubt he'll get that over 200#. Back squat was a very impressive 305#. This was absolutely a full depth legitimate squat with acceptable form. I can't wait to go watch John play some football and dish out some hits, I'm expecting some highlight reel hits, since he's playing cornerback. Enjoy the videos!

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