Monday, August 30, 2010

Flippin ridiculous!

To JJ's credit, the difficulty flipping the tire was due to the gloves. As soon as he took them off, he had no trouble at all. Only reason he was wearing them was for the sledgehammer. In all seriousness, he would have knocked a minute or two off his time, but he would have ripped the skin off his hand, with the sledge.

The workout:
3 tire flips
14 sledge strikes (7 R, 7 L)
12 KB swings


  1. Awesome! Wish I could workout with you guys. Looking good SFC J.

  2. oh shoot I only just now saw your question was 5 rounds! I did it in nine minutes and change, can't remember exactly, but with a 70# db. It hurt quite a bit.