Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gym is now open!!

It's been a couple of months since the idea first came under discussion, and it seems much longer than that, but at last the gym is ready for training. There are still some things that need finishing and the usual punch-out list, but the big stuff is done and we can get in there and work out. I am very happy with the outcome and with how the space looks. And now some thanks, in completely random order!

Big thanks to my Mom and Dad for coming down from Houston to help me with painting, decorating, fetching supplies, etc... I don't know what I'd have done without their help. Big thanks to Brett Lee for help designing the pull-up system. His help with that was instrumental, and I'm really pleased with how solid and sturdy it feels. Thanks to Lucy's friend Alex for all her help with painting. What a good worker she is! She and my daughter Lucy provided a huge amount of help painting all my plyo boxes, and they did a great job with the chalk line, laying out the lines for the stripes on the wall. Thanks to my wife Lorinda for her input on how to make and install a huge cheap whiteboard for less than half of what I would have paid for one off the shelf. She also put up with me being grouchy, impatient, stressed out, and hard to get along with and that's not easy! Her support has been vital.  Big thanks to my son Max for helping paint, helping carry things, fetching tools, and just being a good little buddy in general. He and Dr. Ingraham made a great team doing the demolition of a wall that needed to come down. Thanks to you both! Big thanks to Zach Ballard for helping out whenever and whereever he could. All the way from the inception, from writing the business plan, to turning a pipe wrench, making the plyo boxes, Zach helped out a TON, and it was very helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, brainstorm, think out loud etc. Thanks a lot Zach, I appreciate it bro! Thanks to my bro Chris, who helped me finish up the plyo boxes, and with some demolition projects. Thanks to Xavier Sandoval, for helping move my equipment, assemble boxes, and had lots of good ideas as well. Your help is much appreciated! Big time thanks to my brother Patrick for designing my SeaCityCrossFit logo. I love the way it looks, and I could never have produced something like that so muchisimas gracias hermano!

I think when people walk in to this new CrossFit affiliate, they are gonna really be impressed with the size and the look of it. It's 2800 square feet, but the 13' high ceilings make it feel larger. It feels roomy and open. In a few days I'll be receiving a shipment of equipment and there will be some things that need to be assembled. Also I will need some help getting about 60 mats to the gym. These mats weigh 100 lbs each! Do the math and you'll soon realize it ain't happenin' in one trip with one vehicle. My Nissan Frontier will carry 10 of these per trip. I don't want to make 6 trips! If you are reading this and you'd like to help let me know. I'll need several strong guys/gals to move these around as well, so volunteers are welcome. Let's make a party of it!

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  1. Your welcome Tim, just glad I can help be a part of bringing CrossFit to Corpus Christi. So much for "several strong guys and gals to help with the mats" (HAHAHA) I don't want to move one more of those things for a long time!

    Can't wait to see the gym filled with new CrossFit athletes.