Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daily Inspiration..Old Guys Rule!

Let me just say these two gentlemen have been training with me for several years now. One is in his early 60's the other in the late 60's. This is only a small portion of the workout they did on this particular day. Watching these two guys give it all they got every morning is all the inspiration I need. Kudos to the old guys! Oh and yes that's an 18" high box...and yes those are ring dips.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Workout Results for Oct 25th

Three Rounds for time:

15 SDHP ......Rx'd 95#             Women Rx'd     35#
10 K2E
10 Dumbbell Push Press     Men Rx'd 40#    Women 20#

Raquel - 5:09
Veronica 5:15
Noah - 5:30
Johnny - 5:36
Michael - 5:42
Jason - 5:51
Louie - 6:05
Celia - 6:40
Susan - 6:41

Lotsa fun ....awesome job!

Post workout fun: 150# sandbag drag, 50 ft rope three pulls for time. Everyone threw down monstrously fast times on this, but the Z man came out on top with an astonishing pull time of only 39 seconds, awesome job Zach!

Zach Throws Down

10 rounds for time:
1- 185# C&J
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Open Workout ...

Excellent turnout for today's WOD!

A lot of fun in the gym today: Ryan, Xavier, Zach, Jason, Raquel, Kim, Tony, Vivian, Alex, Lucy, & myself. Great to see a fun motivated bunch of fit people in the gym, and great to see new faces as well. I am very excited to have many more fun training sessions like today's where everyone is engaged and inspired and pushing hard.

The WOD:

1.15K Run (.71 miles)
8 Renegade Man Makers
(Pushup, Row, Squat Clean, Push press)

Rx'd Men 40# dumbbells (everybody scaled to their ability)
Rx'd Women 20#

Tim 40# 13:15 (I didn't really get everyone else's exact time, but it was a fairly tight group.)

Tony blasted thru the WOD with 50# DB's, ran a little further than necessary, and still came in ahead of everyone....great job! Xavier, Ryan and Jason were not far behind. Vivian also smoked it pretty good, though I didn't get her time.

Post workout workout:

3- 95# sandbag pulls, 50 feet with a 2" rope. Hand over hand, as fast as possible, sprint back and do it again. Zach crushed this one in 39 seconds, with everyone else a few seconds behind.  Video to come soon!

Post workout skills and play:

Zach and Xavier decided to do a Grace-off, which was very entertaining, Zach turned in a solid performance of 4 min flat, while Xavier slammed it out in about 3:15 (his pr is 2:25.) Not bad for his third workout in a single day I guess.

Then my daughter, Lucy showed us some gymnastics skills, performing a press to handstand with smooth fluid power, and not one of the guys could duplicate it. Then she walked on her hands across the gym as easy as walking on her feet, so we all had fun falling all over the place trying to walk on our hands.

I am definitely looking forward to lots more fun innovative training to come...stay tuned, stay strong, keep evolving.

If you're reading this, and curious about CrossFit, remember Saturday workouts are open and free for those who want to check out the gym. Get in here and be a part of it....drop me a comment here if you have questions.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Day at the Gym

Hard work is a regular feature...these videos speak for themselves...Here's Derrick...

And Here's Misty....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grand Opening Specials

If you're reading this and you are wondering....what is CrossFit? Stop and read this, and while you're there watch a few of the videos like "Nasty Girls" (no it's not what you think!), and Fight Gone Bad.

Okay now that you've done that, you probably still are wondering if this is for you, and you've probably heard that it is just ridiculously intense, and the trainers try to kill people etc... I hear this stuff all the time, and I know a lot of people have misconceptions about CrossFit, and are terrified of it.  I just want to reassure you that ANYONE can and should do CrossFit. I have clients as young as 11, and as old as 81. I don't attempt to kill them. They are just normal people who want to function well, and have a good quality of life.

With that being said, CrossFit is definitely going to stretch you out of your comfort zone. It will be the most intense workout you've ever had. But a GOOD trainer, and I emphasize that point, ....a GOOD trainer will not expose you to a level of intensity for which you as the trainee are not prepared. As with any profession, there are varying levels of competence and quality among trainers.
   To illustrate this point, SeaCity CrossFit requires all new trainees to go through a course of preparation. This is called Foundations, and consists of 12 sessions. Each session will introduce new movements, and will teach the client the proper alignment and technique to accomplish these movements safely. We start off with a plastic PVC pipe for a load!
     These 12 one hour sessions are a prerequisite for you to move on in the world of CrossFit, and start redefining your appearance, performance, and your work capacity. They must be completed in one month or less. Each class will start with about 15 min of instruction, movement patterns, analysis, and technique refinement. Each class will end with a short WOD (workout of the day). Prepare to be sore!

Regular Price for Foundations         $165
October Grand Opening Special     $82.50

This is your opportunity to make a life change that will impact everything you do, it will improve your mental outlook, self esteem, work performance, relationships, body composition, as well as physical performance and energy levels.

I look forward to seeing you in the gym!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Gym is a-rockin

Panoramic view of the gym.....what's missing? YOU!! If you are reading this and you're within 1/2 hour drive, you should be training here! Questions?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gym is now open!!

It's been a couple of months since the idea first came under discussion, and it seems much longer than that, but at last the gym is ready for training. There are still some things that need finishing and the usual punch-out list, but the big stuff is done and we can get in there and work out. I am very happy with the outcome and with how the space looks. And now some thanks, in completely random order!

Big thanks to my Mom and Dad for coming down from Houston to help me with painting, decorating, fetching supplies, etc... I don't know what I'd have done without their help. Big thanks to Brett Lee for help designing the pull-up system. His help with that was instrumental, and I'm really pleased with how solid and sturdy it feels. Thanks to Lucy's friend Alex for all her help with painting. What a good worker she is! She and my daughter Lucy provided a huge amount of help painting all my plyo boxes, and they did a great job with the chalk line, laying out the lines for the stripes on the wall. Thanks to my wife Lorinda for her input on how to make and install a huge cheap whiteboard for less than half of what I would have paid for one off the shelf. She also put up with me being grouchy, impatient, stressed out, and hard to get along with and that's not easy! Her support has been vital.  Big thanks to my son Max for helping paint, helping carry things, fetching tools, and just being a good little buddy in general. He and Dr. Ingraham made a great team doing the demolition of a wall that needed to come down. Thanks to you both! Big thanks to Zach Ballard for helping out whenever and whereever he could. All the way from the inception, from writing the business plan, to turning a pipe wrench, making the plyo boxes, Zach helped out a TON, and it was very helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, brainstorm, think out loud etc. Thanks a lot Zach, I appreciate it bro! Thanks to my bro Chris, who helped me finish up the plyo boxes, and with some demolition projects. Thanks to Xavier Sandoval, for helping move my equipment, assemble boxes, and had lots of good ideas as well. Your help is much appreciated! Big time thanks to my brother Patrick for designing my SeaCityCrossFit logo. I love the way it looks, and I could never have produced something like that so muchisimas gracias hermano!

I think when people walk in to this new CrossFit affiliate, they are gonna really be impressed with the size and the look of it. It's 2800 square feet, but the 13' high ceilings make it feel larger. It feels roomy and open. In a few days I'll be receiving a shipment of equipment and there will be some things that need to be assembled. Also I will need some help getting about 60 mats to the gym. These mats weigh 100 lbs each! Do the math and you'll soon realize it ain't happenin' in one trip with one vehicle. My Nissan Frontier will carry 10 of these per trip. I don't want to make 6 trips! If you are reading this and you'd like to help let me know. I'll need several strong guys/gals to move these around as well, so volunteers are welcome. Let's make a party of it!