Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 24, 2011, WOD

Movement Prep-

Hip Crossover, feet down 10, feet elevated 10
Bridging  20
Marching Bridge 20
Cobra/down dog 10
T-pushup      10 (count the pushups)
Prone Superman 10 holds for 10 seconds
High kicks, walking, 100 ft, leg straight


Barbell back squat - 5 x 5


30 muscle ups for time

(if you have not yet mastered the muscle up, use this time to work on building the requisite strength for this movement. This means doing some ring dips, and some ring pulls. Use a band to assist if necessary. Don't even fuss over doing this for time. Just work on the strength, or if you're really close to being able to pull one off, work on your technique).

As usual, an excellent video on the subject:


  1. skipped the back squats to rest the sore knee.

    30 muscle ups for time:

  2. Back Squat: 135/185/225/245/255

    Met-Con: 8:21

    Excited to be part of the new gym!