Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 25, 2011 WOD

Hey folks, trainees, people following along with passing interest, etc. If you do this workout, in the gym or elsewhere, I would like to have you post your time, and some comments regarding the workout. Consider this as a courtesy to your fellow trainees, who will benefit from your insight. We never know who we might be inspiring when we share our experiences, challenges. Do not be remain selfishly in the shadows! If you're in Kuala Lumpur, post your time and comments! If you disagree with something I say or do, challenge me on it. Feel free to disagree or give your point of view.

Movement Prep: (move briskly thru these)

Hand Walk 50 ft
Reverse Lunge with twist 50 ft
10 Hybrid Spiderman (rotation, pushup, cobra/down dog, switch)
20 Scarecrow rotations
10 Scorpion (each leg)


Four rounds for time:

15 slamball
15 bodyweight deadlift
20 lunges
300m run

Get some!


  1. 13:35 Rx'd
    20# Ball
    205# Dead-lift

    Try to push through Round FOUR without stopping during each movement. It's tough but your mind will tell you it can't long before your body will give you that answer.

    REMEMBER it's important to try hard things. Just keep breathing. Stay positive. Search for solutions.

  2. Outstanding advice Dan. Damn good time on the WOD also bro.

  3. for those who did the baseline wod:

    Amber 7:13, (pullups with black band)
    Juan 5:30 rx'd
    Barbi 6:28 (barbell pushups, ring rows)
    CoCo 7:15 (barbell pushups, ring rows)

  4. Light workout for me yesterday so I did
    1/2 WOD:
    55# DL, 90 second row instead of run

    Worked on double unders and ring dips.

  5. Mariannella CarlisleJanuary 26, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    Tough workout yesterday... woke up sore but its a good sore...the kind that makes you want to go back for more!

    55lbs dead lifts
    10lbs slam ball
    Completed 300m 4x and those darn lunges too:-)
    Final time: 15:32

  6. I have to congratulate Nelva, she is a dedicated 5am'er. NEVER misses, not ever.

    55# DL, 10# ball, 15:00 flat.

  7. Jordan Gaza

    55#, 13:53