Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jan 27, 2011 WOD

Movement Prep:

100 ft. walking knee hug, quad stretch w/arm reach, leg cradle, lateral lunge (moving)

Side plank with hip abduction, 5 reps

Prone plank with opposite arm/hip extension, go for 10 reps of 5 second holds


"Helen"    Three rounds: 400m run, 21 kettlebell swings, 53#, 12 pullups

Let's drop the hammer on this!

 Now that's composure

 I feel sorry for Jordan's opponents in the ring!

 Is that an expression of pure joy or pain?

 Paula showin the slamball some love

Tuley gettin it done, good technique


  1. 13:08 with a pull up band. Overhead KBs were killer

  2. 10:47 rx'd

    a little slower than last time

    March 2010, 10:32

  3. 26# KB
    pink band pull up

    Since I'm training light this week, I held back slightly on the run and didn't go as heavy on the KB. Still got a great workout.