Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan 4, 2011 WOD

Chipper WOD

40 walking lunges
30 push press 75/45
20 slamball 10#
10 pullups
20 wall ball 20/10
30 box jump 24/18
40 power snatch 65/45
50 squats

Some pics from yesterday

 Tik & Hong have not missed a single day in over 2 months

 Zach just about to enter the pain cave, don't do it Zach!

Dan exhibits picture perfect form late in the WOD

Come on Tuley, pick it up and go! (he did)


  1. *35# push press
    *15# power snatch (weak!)
    Time: 11:38

    After watching Dan Kozak execute in under 9min, I'm convinced he needs to wear the weight vest to make sure he's getting the full benefit of the workout... Lol :-) I kid! I kid!

  2. no weight vest PLEASE!! :)

    8:38 Rx

  3. Was Tuley out in the rain or was he really sweating?