Saturday, March 26, 2011


We (CrossFitters) define intensity as exactly equal to average power output, which is (Force x Distance) / Time. So how much work did you do? In how much time? Intensity=Power, therefore we believe that increased intensity (Power) means increased fitness and that is what we are interested in creating here at SeaCity CrossFit.

Intensity is the third progression of our program. We first have mechanics (technique) then consistency. So this article is directed to those of you who have been with us for a little while now and have become both efficient and proficient in the mechanics of the functional movements we utilize. Now that the foundation has been laid it is time to introduce that 600# gorilla known as INTENSITY to your WODs. While I know some of you right now are thinking, “What do you mean, my workouts have been intense.” I’m not saying they weren’t, but what we are looking for now is to safely find what your made of. To move out of the comfort zone that you’re currently working in. This means leaving it all on the table after every workout.

On heavy lifting days with the okay from the coach, it’s time to increase the Force part of the equation. So make a deliberate, focused effort to take yourself close to the limit. We want to see PRs (Personal Records) being broken constantly. This means increasing the load progressively throughout the sets and by the last rep of the last set you find yourself exerting maximum effort and flirting with failure. This is the place where major gains occur.

For the MetCon WODS (Metabolic Conditioning) it means testing yourself a little.This is where keeping a journal is crucial, use the website, that is the easiest way and should be the bare minimum. Posting to the website helps everyone for a number of reasons but that is a topic for another time. Although; there is really no substitute for a well kept detailed journal. Having past training information will allow you to track your progression towards completing the WODs as Rx (prescribed) and the personal goals you may have. We want you to push yourself towards the point at which mechanics begin to break down and then dial it back just enough to maintain maximum intensity. Less than impeccable technique during MetCons is acceptable while training at maximum intensity, within limits.

So what I’m saying is this is the fun stuff. It is the meat and potatoes of CrossFit. This is the evidence, the data produced from hard work that proves empirically, scientifically, and practically that this program is the best way to produce a high level of well rounded fitness.

It doesn’t mean that you can stop learning and perfecting your mechanics, because that should never happen, but with the added intensity you will find that your mechanics will refine out of necessity. I promise that when you start pushing yourself you won't believe the things you are capable of. That experience will carry over into everyday life and suddenly things that seemed tough before are a walk in the park.

Coach Tim and I are proud of you, and we’re eager to see what the future holds. We are excited about the CrossFit mentality and community being created here at SeaCity. CrossFit is so much more than just a gym or training program, as you’ve already found out. So be proud of your new found healthy addiction and spread the word to help the community continue to grow, we all know Corpus Christi needs it.

In Strength,

Coach Zach


  1. Great post Zach. Getting out of the comfort zone is tough but once you do, a whole new world opens up. (It has for me anyway.) Overcoming the fear that you might fail is tough sometimes. Win mentally and the physical part will follow...

  2. Nice post!

    Tim, thanks for hosting the Oly Coaches Cert this weekend. It was good seeing you and the progress of your box.