Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 01, 2012

** Upcoming events reminder to all those participating in the Paleo Challenge:  This coming Saturday we will be re-testing FIGHT GONE BAD at 10AM.  We will also be taking 'after' photos and re-measuring body composition.  If you are also competing in the CrossFit OPENS, consider doing workout 12.2 on Thursday and resting Friday so you are ready for Fight Gone Bad on Saturday.  We will also be having a farewell (paleo) potluck immediately following FGB II for Joy, she's headed off to the east coast!  If you plan to stay for the potluck, please bring a dish with you.***

I. Ring dips 5-10reps x 5 sets.  How do you feel about ring dips?  Proceed accordingly:
a) Ring dips are a joke, I eat them for breakfast: do 5x10 reps, take little rest between sets.
b) Ring dips kinda suck, but I can do a few at a time: do 5-8 reps with a little more rest.
c) Ring dips, you kuh-razy:  Do assisted ring dips with a band.
d) Ring & dip aren't two words I speak in the same sentence:  Practice your stability on the rings by holding yourself, arms locked out, on the rings.  Do 5 sets of 15-30sec holds.

II. Handstand holds  5x (30 seconds on : 30 seconds off).  If you can't do a handstand hold, you will scale using a box.  You can scale like the picture below, on your toes, or you can use the same set up but with your knees on the box.

Queensland, Australia Sectional WOD #1, 2011
AMRAP 10 mins
* 7 Deadlift
* 7 Hang power clean 
* 7 Front Squat
* 7 Chest to Overhead (push press or jerk)
men: 95#, women: 65#

CrossFit Open Competition WORKOUT 12.2  (7PM CLASS ONLY)

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