Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct 10, 2012

Special Fitness Assessment 

Time to assess your fitness level against this tried and true benchmark. Details at the gym. Don't miss it.

An excerpt from The CrossFit Journal....

“Fringe Athletes”
There is a near universal misconception that long
distance athletes are fitter that their short distance
counterparts. The triathlete, cyclist, and marathoner are
often regarded as among the fittest athletes on earth.
Nothing could be farther from the truth. The endurance
athlete has trained long past any cardiovascular health
benefit and has lost ground in strength, speed, and power,
typically does nothing for coordination, agility, balance,
and accuracy and possesses little more than average
flexibility. This is hardly the stuff of elite athleticism. The
CrossFit athlete, remember, has trained and practiced
for optimal physical competence in all ten physical
skills (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina,
flexibility, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility,

balance, and accuracy). The excessive aerobic volume of
the endurance athlete’s training has cost him in speed,
power, and strength to the point where his athletic
competency has been compromised. No triathlete is in
ideal shape to wrestle, box, pole-vault, sprint, play any
ball sport, fight fires, or do police work. Each of these
requires a fitness level far beyond the needs of the
endurance athlete. None of this suggests that being a
marathoner, triathlete or other endurance athlete is a bad
thing; just don’t believe that training as a long distance
athlete gives you the fitness that is prerequisite to many
sports. CrossFit considers the Sumo Wrestler, triathlete,
marathoner, and power lifter to be “fringe athletes” in
that their fitness demands are so specialized as to be
inconsistent with the adaptations that give maximum
competency at all physical challenges. Elite strength and
conditioning is a compromise between each of the ten
physical adaptations. Endurance athletes do not balance
that compromise.


  1. That was fun! We should do it more often!

  2. ok boss, took it to the track cut up burpees 10 per lap

    time 45:32

  3. Well done Rolando...good to see you're sticking with it!