Friday, October 12, 2012

Oct 12, 2012

Isometric squat holds 5 Rounds: 30 seconds hold, 30 seconds rest.
A squat is below parallel.  Keep torso as upright as possible.  For every time you break out of the proper squat position (which includes resting your hands, elbows, or arms on your quads... touching the ground with your hands, rounding your back and collapsing in to the bottom of the squat...) there is a 5 burpee penalty (due at the end of the 5 rounds).These will be performed like this:

"Burpees Matter" (compare to April 28,2012)

Five three minute rounds, one minute rest between rounds. 

12- pullups
6 - KB Clean & Press 53/35 (that's 6 with each arm, 12 total)
4 - Deadlift 245/175
...remaining time max burpees. 

Your score is the total burpees.
The Day's Results


  1. Happy Birthday Combo. 145 burpees??? Holy *%$@#!! I got 63, and was feeling good about myself, then got put in my place when Donnie got 88. Now how am I supposed to feel!!??

    Great job amigo.