Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oct 20, 2012

Posted by Brooks Gregoy:

Regarding the 9AM WOD: Coach Tim is allowing me to dedicate this WOD to one of my best friend's who was killed recently in Afghanistan. His name is Dion Roberts. He was killed during a training accident on his deployment with the NAVY SEAL'S when a vehicle rolled over trapping him inside and killing him. Let's pay tribute to those who have fallen! Hooyahh!

This WOD has sometimes been referred to as GI Jane. Today we do it in memory of Dion Roberts!

100 Burpee-pullups for time

if at all possible, the pullup bar should be one foot above your outstretched fingers when reaching directly overhead. GET SOME!

Heres the Alternate WOD:

Met-con: "amrap-a-phobia"

5 min kb snatch 53/35
30 seconds rest 
4 min wall ball 20/14
30 seconds rest 
3 min double unders
30 seconds rest 
2 min squats
30 seconds rest 
1 min hand-release pushups


  1. 14:27 plus 50 sloppy butterfly pullups and some torn hands! Thanks Tim for the dedication WOD!

  2. 14:23 Had a good time with this little painstorm. Donnie beat us both with a time of 11:58 today, and Tim G. did it a few months back in 9:52 on that same bar, lest any of us get too excited haha. Gotta congratulate both Dina and Kristal for getting this done rx'd. Very impressive ladies!

  3. It was very good. and I couldn't think of a better dedication for the workout. I have a great amount of respect and appreciation for our men and women in the armed forces.