Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rest Day

Paleo Challengers! Stay the course. Renew your commitment. The best thing to do today is take action. Get a couple new recipes, go grocery shopping, get yourself fully prepared for the week to come. There will be critical moments during the upcoming week. When those moments come you'll want to be prepared. Also I strongly encourage you to READ! If you have not purchased one of the recommended Paleo books, you should consider doing so. Reading and understanding makes a huge difference in the depth of your commitment. Or if you'd rather, go to Robb Wolf's place on the web and browse around!

Here's a tip for you. If you're about to cheat or slip up, take a deep breath, and think it through. What will the outcome be if you eat that piece of pizza or that hamburger? Is it really worth turning OFF your fat burning mechanism for the next several hours? How will you feel an hour after eating that? You'll be kicking yourself for caving in, won't you? Think it through. It's not worth the fleeting pleasure of that taste in your mouth.


On another note I want to congratulate my daughter Lucy, for taking 1st place at the Centex Wrestling tournament this weekend in Austin. Here she is with her coach. Way to go Lucy!


  1. Nice, she has some awesome athletic ability.

  2. Congratulations! Lucy, all that hardwork pays off, thats awesome.