What is Strength & Conditioning?

"...it's not just a workout with a physical goal. It is also, and maybe even primarily, about cultivating a set of character traits that can enable a person to flourish in all aspects of life."  -Dr. Jane Drexler-
   We are a cutting edge gym with an old school, battle-tested, no bullshit, no frills, no-hype mindset. We are athletic strength and conditioning. What we do and teach also strengthens the mind, the spirit, and builds character. We have developed a unique system of training for all around, functional fitness. Our approach at SeaCity is to focus on strength first. All else follows and is enhanced by a solid base of strength. We want you to look great, perform well, and feel your best. We have found through experience that a performance oriented approach is the best way to achieve this. So there are no mirrors. You can't develop kinesthetic awareness by looking in the mirror.  We have nothing against machines, but we find our best results with free weights, barbells and body weight. Machines should play a secondary role if they are used at all. We don't embrace a culture of body obsession, but our clients end up looking damn good. The focus is on building strength, skill acquisition, and proper body mechanics. When you spend your time focused on these things (instead of gazing at yourself in the mirror), your appearance tends to take care of itself! Some examples of what we do:

  • barbell training -this forms the core of our system. Squat, deadlift, press and variations are taught and executed patiently and relentlessly with impeccable form. 
  • gymnastics - don't panic! gymnastics is just a category for anything involving your own bodyweight, pushups, pullups, lunges, burpees, box jumps. We'll teach you solid fundamental movement skills, to help develop that kinesthetic awareness and core control
  • ketllebell & dumbbell training -  swings, snatches, carries, and much more
  • aerobic/anaerobic conditioning - running, rowing, cycling, skipping rope, etc...
We stick consistently with fundamentals and focus on incremental progress. Real training is not always glamorous, and every workout is not an epic beat-down. That's how progress is made in the real world, bit by bit. While many gyms focus on fun community activities, and are more interested filling your social calendar, we lift, work, train and progress. Many of our conditioning workouts are timed, scored, and repeated to ensure progress. The workouts feature relatively short, but high intensity bursts of effort. 

   If you never move explosively, or with speed, during your workout, what do you think is going to happen when life demands speedy movement? What if you're being chased, attacked, or there is an emergency of some kind and you need to render assistance?  If you don't train it, it's not there. If you don't pick up even moderately heavy objects off the floor, what will you do when you need to move something even moderately heavy? You will have to rely on someone else to do it. 

At SC we foster and inspire people to discover their own inner capability.  You were born to move. When you don't move, your health suffers, and you are essentially broken-down. Treadmills, ellipticals, and machines will not suffice, and ultimately may harm you by promoting bad motor patterns and incorrect posture.
       If you want your fitness to be meaningful, and to enhance your quality of life, we can help you do that. If you're a competitive athlete wanting to improve your performance, we will re-mold you into a faster, stronger physical specimen. If you're an average Joe or Jane, who wants to lose fat, firm up, and simply look, feel, and perform better, then we offer a great facility along with the know-how to guide you there. Yes, anyone can do it.

Thanks for reading, See You in the Gym, 
Coach Tim